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TND Introduction


TND: Leading Trailer Axle Manufacturer


Reliable, responsible, excellent, innovative, talented, integrated and responsive are a few of the words one might use to describe Guangzhou TND Axle Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou TND Axle Co., Ltd. is recognized as one of the best axle manufacturers for trailers and other heavy duty vehicles in the world. The factory is located in Guangzhou, China and covers an area of over 50,000 square meters in total, with an annual production capacity of 80,000 axle series and 10,000 suspension series. TND AXLE holds expertise in researching, designing and manufacturing a vast range of premium quality trailer parts, which can be grouped as follows:


TND Product Range



Superior quality and customer oriented service are the two main factors that drive TND AXLE to success. Now TND AXLE serves the needs of over 200 Original Equipment Manufacturers of trailer builders, repair shops and distributors worldwide. Its core specialization and distribution of trailer parts will grow even faster in size and scope in future.


TND Workshops


TND PlantsTND AXLE has formed its own professional and efficient production mode and owns a series of patented hot extrusion forming machines, various CNC lathes and many other advanced devices in the workshops, which enable TND to have extensive capabilities of producing various axles and related components exactly according to the drawings or samples from our customers.


All work in the production line is required to be carried out strictly and precisely. To produce a high quality axle, it should systematically go through 16 processing procedures, in which certain QC work is involved.





TND AXLE is supported by a big team of engineers and technicians, who master in-depth knowledge of their respective domains and motivated by spirit of innovation. TND AXLE is dedicated to Research & Development of trailer parts and is the first factory in China to apply the most advanced hot extrusion forming technology in making axles, which is an improved technology based on the traditional hot spinning technology and the military defense technology. All thickened one-piece axles we make benefit a better property in strength, hardness and longer service life than most of axles on the market.


Product Quality


TND AXLE was authorized with international quality standards certifications, e.g. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009, etc. Feedback from our customers indicates that the quality of our products is far beyond what those certifications could prove.

 Quality Control of TND Products

For quality safety, we have trained a highly competent QC team that performs computerized numerical testing and manual quality control work in every production procedure from bringing in raw materials to delivery of finished production, with world’s top testing equipment, such as Fatigue Tester, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Automatic Thickness Gauge, Coordinate Measuring Device and Salt Spray Tester, etc. The QC team would systematically and carefully inspect every finished product before moving them into the warehouse. We have set high requirements on quality inspection of the products from the beginning and have never compromised on it.




TND AXLE have established an impressive name and built loyal customer relationships by providing considerate before-sales and after-sales service. Customer relationship is the number one priority at TND: 


 Our team of knowledgeable staff is prepared to assist you with all of your needs.

 Our company understands the importance of our customers and we strive to ensure all requests are handled promptly and professionally.


We have received no complaints from our customers for a long time and if this vast loyal customer source is an indication that they are satisfied enough with our service, you may put your trust on us too. We really pride ourselves in offering such good service at every corner of the world.


Essence and Philosophy


TND’s essence and philosophy lie in its name.


T (TECHNOLOGY) means that we always concentrate on developing advanced technologies, with which we won the markets.
N (NEED) means that we care much about every word from our customers and try all efforts to meet their actual needs.
D (DEDICATION) refers to the whole enterprise’s continuous dedication to the industry.


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