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Why People Choose TND AXLE 


We aim to establishing and maintaining a steady long-term partnership with all our customers, on the basis of equality and mutual benefits.  


TND AXLE is a world-class manufacturing enterprise with innovative axle solutions designed to enable highest performance of vehicles and make the road safer. We are the factory that best applies Hot Extrusion technology in the field of trailer axle manufacturing in China, and probably best in the world. Here are ten advantages that indicate why many customers choose us as their partner.


Efficient Management1. Efficient Management

TND’s success of recent years benefits greatly from its high efficient management. Here gather a group of elite managers who are MBA diploma holders or renowned for outstanding managing skills, enabling that the production line and the operation of the whole factory go smoothly and efficiently.




Top Quality Product2. Top Quality Product 

We take high quality and customer satisfaction as the keys to success. As the best axle maker from China, we are aware of our responsibility to supply reliable trailer components, made to the highest standards, providing our customers an excellent value. The entire TND Company keeps the ongoing promise to always seek ways to improve the service and the quality of our products according to testing data collected from the QC team and feedback from our customers and end users.



Passion for Innovation3. Passion for Innovation

TND AXLE’s technology leadership is rooted in unique capabilities to pioneer the majority of breakthroughs in safety and performance of trailer parts. We are quite sensitive to the ever-changing industry demands and would make certain improvements or new designs accordingly. TND engineers’ thirst for innovation in advanced technology could never be frustrated.




Strict Quality Control4. Strict Quality Control

Experienced arrangement of quality control process and a series of exclusive, advanced testing devices help with guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products to the highest degree. No defective product is allowed in TND exporting line. 





Favorable Price5. Favorable Price

TND AXLE is committed to producing high quality, reliable and cost effective trailer products. We are able to offer a more favorable price than our competitors, due to our efficient management and long term experience in manufacturing industry that help lower the cost in production.





Customer Satisfaction6. Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service is our priority at TND and we will do all we can to ensure that every problem from our customers are handled properly and quickly. We can always find a solution, propose practical advice or helpful support to our customers' satisfaction. We take care of what our customers really need more than just taking orders.




 Prompt Delivery7. Prompt Delivery

All production schedules will be carried out strictly once arranged so that delivery of ordered products will not be delayed at our side. Also we have good connections with many shipping agencies that have high reputation for their competence in the shipping world to ensure a plain sailing for the delivery.




Worldwide Product Coverage8. Worldwide Product Coverage

Besides the strong sales network built on our own, the good reputation of our brand has contributed a lot to the promotion of our products. With such tangible and intangible distribution means, TND AXLE is now a trusted supplier in the full-trailer and semi-trailer industry around the world.




Easy Replacement9. Easy Replacement & Good Interchangeability 

TND takes installation factors into consideration and makes the products easy to installed and adapted to the target market by following the local industrial criteria and actual situation. It’s quite easy to find a counterpart for TND products or spare parts that match TND products in your local market.





Trustworthy Warranty 10. Trustworthy Warranty

TND AXLE always stands by its products by declaring clear and trustworthy warranties for quality and service of all products. That’s what we should do to take off any possible worry for our customers before sales and after sales, as we really sit in our customers' shoes and know what they want.





In a nutshell, what you get from TND AXLE is not only the products you purchase, but also the quality, reliability and satisfaction. You can count on us to keep the promises we make. To get more information about TND AXLE, please feel free to CONTACT US at any time.


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