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Stringent Quality Control for TND Products


Quality control should be carried out carefully during each specific production procedure, as we are committed to producing the highest quality products available in the marketplace. We use a series of proven and effective quality control methods to check the quality and performance of our finished products, with state-of-the-art testing equipment, which ensures that all TND products are held to the stringent standards that the international transportation industry demands.


Here is a list of measures we take to check the qualification of our products during each specific production procedure:




 Measures for QC

 Forming Workshop 

 Materials & Cutting

 Check the quality of raw materials and the dimension after cut

 Hot Forming

 Check processing temperature, tube length, wall thickness & inner diameter


 Check deforming and elongation

 Heat Treatment

 Check hardness & elongation


 Concentricity & straightness

 Shot Blasting

 Check the result of rust removing


Rust and corrosion resisting ability

 High Mount Welding 

 High Mount Plate Cutting

 Specification & dimension


 Deforming & Dimension


 Rack Positioning

 Concentricity of two spindles

 Auxiliary Hole

 Specification & dimension

 Accurate Turning

 Specification & dimension

 Induction Hardening


 Milling Groove


 Drilling Hole

 Specification & dimension

 Accurate Grinding



 Specification & dimension

 Boring Hole

 Dimension & Concentricity



 Appearance, overall performance


 Fatigue Testing

 Test the strength and the performance of a sample axle to figure out its lifespan

 Corrosion Testing

 Corrosion resisting ability

 ABS System

 Check the sensitivity and the performance of ABS system


 TND Testing Devices


TND products are warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials. We have full confidence in quality of our products, so do our current partners. To build up your trust in TND and to lower the risk for the trust if you have never done business with us, we suggest that you just place a trial order with us and test the samples to see whether we are the right partner that would boost your business in future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the quality of TND products.


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