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Trailer Axle Alignment

    Posted: 2013-11-16

Tips for Trailer Axle Alignment


Have you found that the treads of your tires are not wearing equally? If yes, then there may be problems with the trailer axle alignment or the installation. When the vehicle is driving on the road, the friction will wear the tread down, and the heat will eventually cause the tire to delaminate and fail by blowout or tread separation. Read the following tips for reference to check out the possible reasons tire alignmentthat cause the problem and fix it soon so that you will have a safer driving and reduce the maintenance of your trailer.


To find an existing bending problem, it’s easy that you will only need a tapeline and a straightedge (alternatively a straight rod). Hold the straightedge up against the bulge of the tires as shown at the right.


Meanwhile, the following illustrations will help you better understand how it can be judged by carrying out the check properly.


 axle alignment illustration 1



axle alignment illustration 2


Trailer Axle Recommendation


If you want to fix the problem of alignment failure by replacing the trailer parts, you may be interested in our products, especially the trailer axles we made, as we are the most reliable trailer axle manufacturer that is dedicated to producing high quality axles, with the spindle thickened. (List of TND trailer axles)



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