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TND (DNED) Obtains High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    Posted: 2013-11-18


TND High-tech Enterprise CertificateTND (DNED) has successfully won the recognition and is awarded with the 'High-tech Enterprise' certificate by the Chinese government after a period of strict technological inspection. It is one step closer to the ambitious goal of becoming the leading axle manufacturer of the world.


TND is among those powerful manufacturers in China allowed to call itself a 'Quality Endorsed Factory'.


"The factory has already completed the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO9001 certification for some years for producing various trailer parts for numerous different markets around the world, this new authoritative certificate really means a lot to TND," said the boss, Mr. Chen.


"Whether it is trailer axle, air suspensions, mechanical suspension, bogie suspension, the name TND is a byword for high quality and international integrity. I think we really deserve it, thanks to the hard working of all my staff all the time."


"Actually it is not a plain sailing for us at the beginning. We have come across many difficulties but we can always make it through. Some people discouraged us by making comparisons to some other world-class competitors. The saying is right; you cannot judge a book just by its cover. We have justified our existence in the market faster than anyone expected, and today we are a powerful contender with a great group of people."


With supports from its loyal clients and the Chinese government, TND is ready to enter a new era of the company's development. Then what can be expected from TND in the future? Mr. Chen said, "Well, time will tell."


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