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Four Common Suspensions (Semi Trailer Parts)

    Posted: 2014-01-16


Semi trailer suspension is the important part that connects the running gear of the chassis and the vehicle frame. The loading force, brake force and driving force of the vehicle are delivered by the suspension system. It’s so important that it reduces the impact force to the cargo when driving on bumpy ground (shock absorption), guaranteeing a smooth and steady status for the transport vehicles. Next, we will make a brief introduction to four common suspensions installed on semi trailers: mechanical suspension (also called leaf spring suspension), air suspension, bogie suspension, rigid suspension.


Mechanical Suspension


 mechanical suspension

Mechanical suspension is also called Leaf Spring Suspension. It is composed of leaf springs, hangers, torque arms, U-bolt, etc. The advantages of this suspension include, low price, reliable and easy for maintenance, and it is the most widely used suspension all around the world at present, while in the Chinese market, above 80% of the users choose mechanical suspension. Among all brands, TND Mechanical Suspension is recommended.


Air Suspension


 air suspension


This is not new stuff to the public – air suspension. The most obvious feature is that it contains an air bag and has a completely different structure. Advantages include lighter weight and good stability. It is often used on applications that deliver precision instruments, tobacco, dangerous mechanical materials and cargo in high class fields.


Rigid Suspension


 rigid suspension

Rigid suspension is a special type of suspension system and not often seen on regular roads. The axle of this suspension is very short so that usually it contains “two lines four axles” or “three lines six axles” in a single vehicle. Vehicles installed with rigid suspension are able to carry heavy load of cargo at low speed, so it is suitable to be used to deliver goods at seaports.


Bogie Suspension


 tnd bogie suspension

Bogie suspension can be regarded as a variation of mechanical suspension. Compared to mechanical suspension, bogie suspension is heavier and has a heavier loading capacity, often used on heavy duty vehicle applications.


Suspensions listed above are only the four common suspension types in real life application. If you know well about other types, please let me know. Sharing is always a good habit.




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