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Air Suspension

German Air Suspension Series


With a powerful team devoted to the research and development of German Air Suspensions and American Air Suspensions, TND AXLE is an experienced manufacturer that can continuously provide you with various air suspensions of advanced designs and international quality standards.


Air suspensions with or without lifting air bag are available. It’s also up to you to decide whether to use other world famous brand parts, such as firestone air bag. Here is a list of some of our air suspension products:



German Overslung Air Suspension

German Air Suspension




German Overslung Air Suspension with Lifting Air Bag


German Air Suspension with Lifting Air Bag




German Overslung Air Suspension (suitable for 6-inch axles)


Specification of German Air Suspension



German Underslung Air Suspension





TND AXLE wants to establish a steady and faithful relationship with you that we promise to provide you with air suspensions of:
* Superior quality and competitive price
* Good service
* Prompt delivery
* ISO/TS16949, IS09001 (→ Know More)
* Reliable warranty


Interested in our German Air Suspension? Contact us for more information right now.


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