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Air Suspension

High Quality American Air Suspension



Air suspension is a kind of advanced vehicle suspension that greatly reduces shock in driving and provides a smooth, constant ride quality. Air suspension is now often used in place of conventional steel spring in heavy duty vehicle applications such as trailers, trucks and buses.


Air suspension is one of our featured products that conbine the wisdom of our engineers and years of experience. TND AXLE is such a powerful and reliable factory that we promise to supply you with high quality air suspensions and satisfying use experience. TND AXLE is no doubt the trust worthy long-term supplier and backup you should choose. (See why people choose us)


Air suspension made by TND AXLE could be classified into two categories: American Air Suspension and German Air Suspension. Here is the list of some of our American Air Suspensions:



American Air Suspension

TND American Air Suspension



American Air Suspension with Lifting Air Bag


American Air Suspension with Lifting Air Bag


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