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What is ABS?

    Posted: 2013-11-05


What is ABS?

ABS is the abbreviation of Anti-lock Braking System. ABS is an assistant brake system based on electric control technical and microprocessor. It is a very important safety component in a vehicle. ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking and skidding when a vehicle brakes on any road surface. While driver tries to stop a vehicle, ABS can prevent dangerous skid, allow the drivers to maintain steering control and reduce stopping distance.

what is abs


ABS braking system is based on the use of electronic control technology in the traditional system, adds a mechatronics to prevent wheel lock control device. In the car during emergency braking, when the wheel tend to lock, the device will adjust the brake system pressure by the high frequency, so the slip rate remained in a narrow range (10%-30%). To achieve the full advantage of the wheels and the road adhesion coefficient between the horizontal and vertical, preventing the wheels from locking and achieving optimum brake performance, ensuring the steering wheel maneuverability and brake stability, preventing skidding vehicle drift, shortening the braking distances and reducing the driver's tension. Therefore, the ABS system installed in the car can significantly improve road safety and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents (auto focus).


TND Hydraulic ABS also has the function of EBD

EBD is the abbreviation of Electric Brake Distribution, it is able to vary brake force in each wheel according to different road surface and optimize stopping distance and improving seating comfort. Based on ABS, EBD can distribute the brake force according to speed sensor.


Hydraulic ABS functions are described as below:

1. Keep vehicle stability when braking;

2. Maintain steering ability when braking;

3. Distribute brake force on wheels according to different road surface;

4. Reduce stopping distance, decrease tire friction loss and reduce tire wear; Make the driver relax.



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