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DNED ABS Components

    Posted: 2013-11-23


DNED ABS Components


DNED ABS consists of toothed sensor ring (toothed ring), wheel speed sensor, ECU, modulator valve, and wire bunch (wiring harness).


Brief Principle of DNED Hydraulic ABS


Wheel speed sensor continuously sends electrical pulses of wheel speed to an ECU, the ECU receives and interprets the wheel speed pulses and uses this information to order modulator valve. Modulator valves circularly regulate the hydraulic pressure to prevent the wheel from locking up.


See the following graph of brief principle of hydraulic ABS

brief principle of hydraulic ABS



Hydraulic ABS Composing: ECU, modulator, speed sensor, tooth ring, wire, indication lamp.




ECU, the abbreviation of electronic control unit, is the control center of ABS including a microprocessor. ECU receives and interprets wheel speed pulses generated by the wheel speed sensors and sends the orders to modulator. (If ECU finds any error of ABS components, ECU automatically cuts off the power of modulator, ABS does not participate in brake control and the vehicle returns to the vehicle conventional brake.)


Note: When the trouble occurs, ABS will be not working, and the vehicle will take traditional brake.


2) Hydraulic modulator


The hydraulic modulator regulates the hydraulic pressure to the brakes during ABS action; it can increase, reduce and maintain hydraulic pressure.


3) Speed sensor and ring


Speed sensor is also one of the most important components besides ECU, it collects and sends information to ABS. Signal received from the sensors is converted to a control signal by the ECU according to the vehicle speed.



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