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What if ABS Malfunction?

    Posted: 2013-10-30


What to do if ABS breaks down (ABS malfunction)


When you have found that ABS doesn't work well, you can do as follows:


* The ABS warning light can't illuminate, you should check whether there is anything wrong or not. If the ABS warning light is OK or not, if the fuse is OK or not, if relay valve works well or not, if the line of power has short circuit/open circuit or not, and etc. Otherwise, there may be something wrong with ECU. Please contact with your after-sales service staff.


* The ABS warning light remains lit. First, you should check if there is wrong connection about the circuit or if the ECU is damaged.


* If the ABS warning light flashes. Please take record of the codes that it flashes, and then resolve the problem according to malfunction code below



How to judge whether ABS works well or not


1. The ABS warning light must be lit when the ignition is switch on, and ABS is diagnosing itself, and slight noise can be heard during this diagnosis. The ABS warning light will go out after 2 seconds if ABS cannot find any error.


2. When the vehicle with ABS brakes, no trail or little trail occurs; if the vehicle without ABS brakes, it will have deeper trail.


3. If ABS works well, a driver can keep the vehicle to be steered and be stabilit during brake.


4. On emergency brakes, ABS motor will take oil return in the order of the controller that will make a noise and the brake pedal will has a rebound phenomenon, which is called "Top feet" (the controller sent the order to the ABS motor takes the superfluous oil return). This is the normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use.



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