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DNED - Renowned Trailer Axle Brand

    Posted: 2013-11-23

DNED is a renowned brand with good reputation in trailer part manufacturing industry, owned by Guangzhou TND Axle Co., Ltd. It is most often seen on trailer axle products made with advanced hot extrusion technology. DNED is also the trademark that takes the shortest time to develop from newly-registered to a big name. It makes TND staff feel the significance of their contribution to the world and proud of themselves.


Superior Quality Products and Enthusiastic Service of DNED 


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DNED axle is made of one-piece seamless steel tube. It is formed with state-of-the-art TND-patented hot extrusion machines and finished by going through a series of professional processing and machining procedures in TND workshops. Compared to axles made with other technologies available so far, DNED axle owns some remarkable advantages that win success in worldwide markets. Because of the high-tech one-piece axle forming technology, the production cost and time are considerably reduced, while the mechanical property has become better. The spindle parts of the axle are thickened to lower the probability of breakdown under heavy loads, guaranteeing the end user a safer condition and lower maintenance fee.


The CS team working for DNED is considered as one of the most efficient support teams that serve their customers with great enthusiasm and solve existing problems in a shortest time. DNED CS team usually receives complimentary words from their partners after business contact.


Mr. Alfred, Development Director of a Brazilian company said, “In a time sensitive environment, where customer service is key to maintaining the sustainability of the business, we want to be operating with the most reliable and cost effective equipment. In order to meet these high demands it is critical that the level of vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum, which is why we have chosen DNED axles and other trailer parts. It is important to us that our service provider can work efficiently with our equipment and the low maintenance of this particular axle type is testament to the reliability of DNED axles.”



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